The official CLI for Amazon EKS.

eksctl is a simple CLI tool for creating and managing clusters on EKS - Amazon's managed Kubernetes service for EC2.

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Create a basic cluster in minutes with just one command.

Getting started

eksctl create cluster

A cluster will be created with default parameters:

  • exciting auto-generated name, e.g., fabulous-mushroom-1527688624
  • two m5.large worker nodes (this instance type suits most common use-cases, and is good value for money)
  • use the official AWS EKS AMI
  • us-west-2 region
  • a dedicated VPC (check your quotas)

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Usage Outposts

Check out latest eksctl features

EKS Add-ons support receiving IAM permissions via EKS Pod Identity Associations.

Support for AMIs based on AmazonLinux2023

Configuring cluster access management via AWS EKS Access Entries.

Configuring fine-grained permissions to EKS running apps via EKS Pod Identity Associations.

Creating fully private clusters on AWS Outposts.

Supported Regions - Calgary - (ca-west-1), US ISO and ISOB - (us-iso-east-1 and us-isob-east-1), Tel Aviv (il-central-1), Melbourne (ap-southeast-4), Hyderabad (ap-south-2), Spain (eu-south-2), Zurich (eu-central-2)

EKS supported versions 1.25, 1.26, 1.27, 1.28, 1.29 and 1.30 (default).

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