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eksctl Adopters

Are you and your organisation using eksctl? We would love to hear from you!

Get featured on our website, follow the instructions below.

  • Follow the contributions guide to fork the eksctl repository.
  • Add your company logo to the folder /userdocs/theme/assets/adopters/. The logo image should be either .png, .jpg or .svg format. Max width and height should be 150px. The logo image must be named after your organisation for eg., If your organisation name is Acme Corp then your logo image should be named acme-logo.png.
  • Edit /userdocs/theme/partials/copyright.html file and add a new li element with your logo details above the line <!-- Add new logos here -->. Following the example of the Acme Corp, new list element will be <li class="glide__slide"><img src="/assets/adopters/acme-logo.png" alt="Acme Corp"></li>.
  • Commit your changes, follow the PR submission guidelines and open a Pull Request in eksctl repository.
  • We will happily review your contribution.