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For more information, please head to our Community and Contributing docs in Github.

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Release Cadence

Minor releases of eksctl are loosely scheduled for weekly on Fridays. Patch releases will be made available as needed.

One or more release candidate(s) (RC) builds will be made available prior to each minor release. RC builds are intended only for testing purposes.

Eksctl Roadmap

The EKS section of the AWS Containers Roadmap contains the overall roadmap for EKS. All the upcoming features for eksctl built in partnership with AWS can be found here.

2021 Roadmap

The following are the features/epics we will focus on and hope to ship this year. We will take their completion as a marker for graduation to v1. General maintenance of eksctl is still implied alongside this work, but all subsequent features which are suggested during the year will be weighed in relation to the core targets.

Progress on the roadmap can be tracked here.

Technical Debt

Not a feature, but a vital pre-requisite to making actual feature work straightforward.

Key aims within this goal include, but are not limited to:

Declarative configuration and cluster reconciliation

This has been on the TODO list for quite a while, and we are very excited to bring it into scope for 2021

Current interaction with eksctl is imperative, we hope to add support for declarative configuration and cluster reconciliation via a new eksctl apply -f config.yaml command. This model will additionally allow users to manage a cluster via a git repo.

A WIP proposal is already under consideration, to participate in the development of this feature please refer to the tracking issue and our proposal contributing guide.

Flux v2 integration (GitOps Toolkit)

In 2019 eksctl gave users a way to easily create a Gitops-ready (Flux v1) cluster and to declare a set of pre-installed applications Quickstart profiles which can be managed via a git repo.

Since then, the practice of GitOps has matured, therefore eksctl's support of GitOps has changed to keep up with current standards. From version 0.76.0 Flux v1 support was removed after an 11 month deprecation period. In its place support for Flux v2 can be used via eksctl enable flux