Auto Scaling

Enable Auto Scaling

You can create a cluster (or nodegroup in an existing cluster) with IAM role that will allow use of cluster autoscaler:

eksctl create cluster --asg-access

Once cluster is running, you will need to install cluster autoscaler itself. This flag also sets and<clusterName> tags, so nodegroup discovery should work.

Zone-aware Auto Scaling

If your workloads are zone-specific you’ll need to create separate nodegroups for each zone. This is because the cluster-autoscaler assumes that all nodes in a group are exactly equivalent. So, for example, if a scale-up event is triggered by a pod which needs a zone-specific PVC (e.g. an EBS volume), the new node might get scheduled in the wrong AZ and the pod will fail to start.

You won’t need a separate nodegroup for each AZ if your environment meets the following criteria:

  • No zone-specific storage requirements.
  • No required podAffinity with topology other than host.
  • No required nodeAffinity on zone label.
  • No nodeSelector on a zone label.

(Read more here and here.)

If you meet all of the above requirements (and possibly others) then you should be safe with a single nodegroup which spans multiple AZs. Otherwise you’ll want to create separate, single-AZ nodegroups:


  - name: ng1-public
    instanceType: m5.xlarge
    # availabilityZones: ["eu-west-2a", "eu-west-2b"]


  - name: ng1-public-2a
    instanceType: m5.xlarge
    availabilityZones: ["eu-west-2a"]
  - name: ng1-public-2b
    instanceType: m5.xlarge
    availabilityZones: ["eu-west-2b"]