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Karpenter Support

eksctl provides adding Karpenter to a newly created cluster. It will create all the necessary prerequisites outlined in Karpenter's Getting Started section including installing Karpenter itself using Helm. We currently support installing versions starting 0.20.0 and above.


With v0.17.0 Karpenter’s Helm chart package is now stored in Karpenter’s OCI (Open Container Initiative) registry. Clusters created on previous versions shouldn't be affected by this change. If you wish to upgrade your current installation of Karpenter please refer to the upgrade guide You have to be logged out of ECR repositories to be able to pull the OCI artifact by running helm registry logout or docker logout, failure to do so will result in a 403 error when trying to pull the chart.

To that end, a new configuration value has been introduced into eksctl cluster config called karpenter. The following yaml outlines a typical installation configuration:

kind: ClusterConfig

  name: cluster-with-karpenter
  region: us-west-2
  version: '1.24'
  tags: cluster-with-karpenter # here, it is set to the cluster name
  withOIDC: true # required

  version: 'v0.20.0' # Exact version must be specified

  - name: managed-ng-1
    minSize: 1
    maxSize: 2
    desiredCapacity: 1

The version is Karpenter's version as it can be found in their Helm Repository. The following options are also available to be set:

  version: 'v0.20.0'
  createServiceAccount: true # default is false
  defaultInstanceProfile: 'KarpenterNodeInstanceProfile' # default is to use the IAM instance profile created by eksctl
  withSpotInterruptionQueue: true # adds all required policies and rules for supporting Spot Interruption Queue, default is false

OIDC must be defined in order to install Karpenter.

Once Karpenter is successfully installed, add a Provisioner so Karpenter can start adding the right nodes to the cluster.

The provisioner's instanceProfile section must match the created NodeInstanceProfile role's name. For example:

kind: Provisioner
  name: default
    - key:
      operator: In
      values: ["on-demand"]
      cpu: 1000
    instanceProfile: eksctl-KarpenterNodeInstanceProfile-${CLUSTER_NAME}
    subnetSelector: cluster-with-karpenter # must match the tag set in the config file
    securityGroupSelector: cluster-with-karpenter # must match the tag set in the config file
  ttlSecondsAfterEmpty: 30

Note that unless defaultInstanceProfile is defined, the name used for instanceProfile is eksctl-KarpenterNodeInstanceProfile-<cluster-name>.