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GPU Support

Eksctl supports selecting GPU instance types for nodegroups. Simply supply a compatible instance type to the create command, or via the config file.

eksctl create cluster --node-type=p2.xlarge


It is no longer necessary to subscribe to the marketplace AMI for GPU support on EKS.

The AMI resolvers (auto and auto-ssm) will see that you want to use a GPU instance type and they will select the correct EKS optimized accelerated AMI.

Eksctl will detect that an AMI with a GPU-enabled instance type has been selected and will install the NVIDIA Kubernetes device plugin automatically.

To disable the automatic plugin installation, and manually install a specific version, use --install-nvidia-plugin=false with the create command. For example:

eksctl create cluster --node-type=p2.xlarge --install-nvidia-plugin=false

kubectl create -f<VERSION>/nvidia-device-plugin.yml