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Launch Template support for Managed Nodegroups

eksctl supports launching managed nodegroups using a provided EC2 Launch Template. This enables multiple customization options for nodegroups including providing custom AMIs and security groups, and passing user data for node bootstrapping.

Creating managed nodegroups using a provided launch template

# managed-cluster.yaml
# A cluster with two managed nodegroups
kind: ClusterConfig

  name: managed-cluster
  region: us-west-2

  - name: managed-ng-1
      id: lt-12345
      version: "2" # optional (uses the default launch template version if unspecified)

  - name: managed-ng-2
    minSize: 2
    desiredCapacity: 2
    maxSize: 4
      role: worker
      nodegroup-name: managed-ng-2
    privateNetworking: true
      id: lt-12345

Upgrading a managed nodegroup to use a different launch template version

eksctl upgrade nodegroup --name=managed-ng-1 --cluster=managed-cluster --launch-template-version=3

If a launch template is using a custom AMI, then the new version should also use a custom AMI or the upgrade operation will fail

If a launch template is not using a custom AMI, the Kubernetes version to upgrade to can also be specified:

eksctl upgrade nodegroup --name=managed-ng-1 --cluster=managed-cluster --launch-template-version=3 --kubernetes-version=1.17

Notes on custom AMI and launch template support

  • When a launch template is provided, the following fields are not supported: instanceType, ami, ssh.allow, ssh.sourceSecurityGroupIds, securityGroups, instancePrefix, instanceName, ebsOptimized, volumeEncrypted, volumeKmsKeyID, volumeIOPS, maxPodsPerNode, preBootstrapCommands, overrideBootstrapCommand and disableIMDSv1.
  • When using a custom AMI (ami), overrideBootstrapCommand must also be set to perform the bootstrapping.
  • overrideBootstrapCommand can only be set when using a custom AMI.
  • When a launch template is provided, tags specified in the nodegroup config apply to the EKS Nodegroup resource only and are not propagated to EC2 instances.