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Additional Volume Mappings

As an additional configuration option, when dealing with volume mappings, it's possible to configure extra mappings when the nodegroup is created.

To do this, set the field additionalVolumes as follows:

kind: ClusterConfig

  name: dev-cluster
  region: eu-north-1

  - name: ng-1-workers
    labels: { role: workers }
    instanceType: m5.xlarge
    desiredCapacity: 10
    volumeSize: 80
      - volumeName: '/tmp/mount-1' # required
        volumeSize: 80
        volumeType: 'gp3'
        volumeEncrypted: true
        volumeKmsKeyID: 'id'
        volumeIOPS: 3000
        volumeThroughput: 125
      - volumeName: '/tmp/mount-2'  # required
        volumeSize: 80
        volumeType: 'gp2'
        snapshotID: 'snapshot-id'

For more details about selecting volumeNames, see the device naming documentation. To find out more about EBS volumes, Instance volume limits or Block device mappings visit this page.