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Non eksctl-created clusters

From eksctl version 0.40.0 users can run eksctl commands against clusters which were not created by eksctl.


Eksctl can only support unowned clusters with names which comply with the guidelines mentioned here. Any cluster names which do not match this will fail CloudFormation API validation check.

Supported commands

The following commands can be used against clusters created by any means other than eksctl. The commands, flags and config file options can be used in exactly the same way.

If we have missed some functionality, please let us know.

  • Create:
    • eksctl create nodegroup (see note below)
    • eksctl create fargateprofile
    • eksctl create iamserviceaccount
    • eksctl create iamidentitymapping
  • Get:
    • eksctl get clusters/cluster
    • eksctl get fargateprofile
    • eksctl get nodegroup
    • eksctl get labels
  • Delete:
    • eksctl delete cluster
    • eksctl delete nodegroup
    • eksctl delete fargateprofile
    • eksctl delete iamserviceaccount
    • eksctl delete iamidentitymapping
  • Upgrade:
    • eksctl upgrade cluster
    • eksctl upgrade nodegroup
  • Set/Unset:
    • eksctl set labels
    • eksctl unset labels
  • Scale:
    • eksctl scale nodegroup
  • Drain:
    • eksctl drain nodegroup
  • Enable:
    • eksctl enable profile
    • eksctl enable repo
  • Utils:
    • eksctl utils associate-iam-oidc-provider
    • eksctl utils describe-stacks
    • eksctl utils install-vpc-controllers
    • eksctl utils nodegroup-health
    • eksctl utils set-public-access-cidrs
    • eksctl utils update-cluster-endpoints
    • eksctl utils update-cluster-logging
    • eksctl utils write-kubeconfig
    • eksctl utils update-coredns
    • eksctl utils update-aws-node
    • eksctl utils update-kube-proxy

Creating nodegroups

eksctl create nodegroup is the only command which requires specific input from the user.

Since users can create their clusters with any networking configuration they like, for the time-being, eksctl will not attempt to retrieve or guess these values. This may change in the future as we learn more about how people are using this command on non eksctl-created clusters.

This means that in order to create nodegroups or managed nodegroups on a cluster which was not created by eksctl, a config file containing VPC details must be provided. At a minimum:

kind: ClusterConfig

  name: non-eksctl-created-cluster
  region: us-west-2

  id: "vpc-12345"
  securityGroup: "sg-12345"    # this is the ControlPlaneSecurityGroup
          id: "subnet-12345"
          id: "subnet-67890"
          id: "subnet-12345"
          id: "subnet-67890"


Further information on VPC configuration options can be found here.