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Windows Worker Nodes

From version 1.14, Amazon EKS supports Windows Nodes that allow running Windows containers. In addition to having Windows nodes, a Linux node in the cluster is required to run the VPC resource controller and CoreDNS, as Microsoft doesn't support host-networking mode yet. Thus, a Windows EKS cluster will be a mixed-mode cluster containing Windows nodes and at least one Linux node. The Linux nodes are critical to the functioning of the cluster, and thus, for a production-grade cluster, it's recommended to have at least two t2.large Linux nodes for HA.

eksctl provides a flag to install the VPC resource controller as part of cluster creation, and a command to install it after a cluster has been created.

Creating a new Windows cluster

The config file syntax allows creating a fully-functioning Windows cluster in a single command:

# cluster.yaml
# An example of ClusterConfig containing Windows and Linux node groups to support Windows workloads
kind: ClusterConfig

  name: windows-cluster
  region: us-west-2

  - name: windows-ng
    amiFamily: WindowsServer2019FullContainer
    minSize: 2
    maxSize: 3
  - name: linux-ng
    instanceType: t2.large
    minSize: 2
    maxSize: 3
eksctl create cluster -f cluster.yaml --install-vpc-controllers

To create a new cluster without using a config file, issue the following commands:

eksctl create cluster --managed=false --name=windows-cluster --node-ami-family=WindowsServer2019CoreContainer
eksctl create nodegroup --cluster=windows-cluster --node-ami-family=AmazonLinux2 --nodes-min=2 --node-type=t2.large
eksctl utils install-vpc-controllers --cluster=windows-cluster --approve


Windows is only supported for self-managed (--managed=false flag) nodegroups.

Adding Windows support to an existing Linux cluster

To enable running Windows workloads on an existing cluster with Linux nodes (AmazonLinux2 AMI family), you need to add a Windows node group and install the Windows VPC controller:

eksctl create nodegroup --managed=false --cluster=existing-cluster --node-ami-family=WindowsServer2019CoreContainer
eksctl utils install-vpc-controllers --cluster=existing-cluster --approve

To ensure workloads are scheduled on the right OS, they must have a nodeSelector targeting the OS it must run on:

# Targeting Windows
  nodeSelector: windows amd64

# Targeting Linux
  nodeSelector: linux amd64

If you are using a cluster older than 1.19 the and labels need to be replaced with and respectively.

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